Olivet Assembly Oceania Hosts Easter Retreat in Regional Retreat Centre


The Olivet Centre in Central Coast, NSW, hosted a special Easter retreat organized by Olivet Assembly Oceania. Around fifty people joined in for a three-day, two-night event filled with learning, fellowship, and fun.

The retreat focused on understanding a part of the Bible called Romans 3. Through simple lectures, attendees learned about important ideas like why bad things happen and how Jesus saves us. The retreat helped everyone understand more about their faith and how it connects to their lives.

Besides the lectures, there were small group discussions where people could share their thoughts and make new friends. And of course, there was time for games and relaxation, adding to the joy of the event.

Many people felt a special sense of closeness to God during the retreat. They left feeling refreshed and inspired, ready to live out their faith in a deeper way.

The Easter retreat at Olivet Centre was a wonderful time of learning, friendship, and spiritual growth. Attendees left with hearts full of hope and gratitude for the experience.

Event Date: Mon, April 01, 2024