Denomination Affiliated Seminary Joins Sydney College of Divinity as a Membership Institution

In a significant development for theological education in the region, Olivet Theological Seminary (OTS), the theological semimary for Olivet Assembly Oceania, has formally become a membership institution of the esteemed Sydney College of Divinity (SCD). This partnership marks a new chapter in the academic and spiritual journey of the seminary, bringing forth enhanced opportunities and resources for its students and faculty.

As part of this affiliation, Olivet Theological Seminary is now empowered to offer accredited courses including the Diploma of Christian Studies, Bachelor of Theology, and Master of Divinity. These programs are meticulously designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual depth necessary for effective ministry and service.

Joining the membership of Sydney College of Divinity signifies more than just an administrative collaboration. It opens doors to increased support and assistance in government compliance, ensuring that the seminary operates with excellence and integrity in all its endeavors. Moreover, OTS gains access to a wealth of academic resources and a broader network of denominations and seminaries, fostering a rich environment for intellectual and spiritual growth.

The establishment of Olivet Theological Seminary as a member institution of Sydney College of Divinity is particularly significant for the mission of Olivet Assembly across the region of Oceania. By equipping workers for both direct and indirect missions, the seminary plays a vital role in advancing the Gospel message and serving communities with love and compassion.

This collaboration between Olivet Theological Seminary and Sydney College of Divinity holds great promise for the future of theological education and ministry in Oceania. It is a testament to the commitment of both institutions to uphold the highest standards of academic excellence and to empower individuals for meaningful and impactful service in the Church and society.

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