National Pentecost Service

National Pentecost Services will be held across Oceania to seek for the power of the Holy Spirit, following the footsteps of the early church.

The early church experienced a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, as recorded in the book of Acts. The apostles were empowered to preach the gospel with boldness, resulting in many people coming to Christ. This same power is available to believers today, and the National Pentecost Services provide an opportunity for Christians to come together and seek the power of the Holy Spirit.

The National Pentecost Services are not only a celebration of unity and faith, but also a call to action. As Christians, we are called to be witnesses of Christ and to share His love with others. The power of the Holy Spirit enables us to do this, and the National Pentecost Services serve as a reminder of this important mission.

Event Date: Sun, May 28, 2023