Following in Jesus’ Footsteps

John 13:1-17 tells the story of Jesus washing His disciples’ feet. It is a powerful demonstration of humility and service that provides a powerful example for us to follow. As we read this passage, let us reflect on the ways in which we can emulate Jesus’ selflessness and love for others.

In the first verse of this passage, John tells us that Jesus knew His time had come to leave the world and return to the Father. Despite the weight of this knowledge, Jesus did not allow it to distract Him from serving His disciples. Instead, He took a towel and basin of water and began washing their feet.

When Jesus knelt before His disciples, He was not only washing their feet, but He was also demonstrating His love and humility towards them. By performing this act of service, Jesus showed that even the Son of God was willing to humble Himself and serve others. He taught us that no task is beneath us when it comes to serving others.

As we reflect on this passage, we are reminded that we too are called to serve others. We should not be afraid to take on tasks that others may consider menial or insignificant, for it is through acts of service that we demonstrate our love for others.

Jesus’ example also teaches us to be humble. He did not seek recognition or praise for His act of service. Instead, He simply did what needed to be done, without fanfare or self-promotion. We too should strive to serve others without seeking recognition or reward.

Most importantly, Jesus’ example is a calling for us to love one another. His act of service was a physical demonstration of His love for His disciples. He did not simply tell them that He loved them, He showed them through His actions. We too should seek to demonstrate our love for others through our actions, serving and caring for those around us.