Church Planter Training (OLI)

Olivet Leadership Institute will be hosting a Church Planter Training on the subsequent day after the closing of the Regional Easter Retreat. It is designed to equip individuals with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to start and grow a new church.

The training will be covering topics including evangelism, discipleship, leadership, and outreach strategies. Participants are trained to develop a vision for their church, to create a strategic plan, and to mobilize their members to support the church’s mission.

The training also provides participants with opportunities to learn from experienced church planters, to network with other like-minded individuals, and to receive ongoing support and mentoring. Church Planter Training is an essential step for those who feel called to start a new church, as it helps to ensure that they have the necessary tools and support to succeed in their mission.

Event Date: Mon, April 10, 2023