Oceania South Pacific Islands Mission Foresees a Great Harvest

After battling the decline of Christianity in the post-Christian environment for more than a decade, Olivet Assembly Oceania foresees a great harvest through the opening of the mission fields in the South Pacific Islands.

Church planters and pioneers in the Pacific Islands have reported about the local people’s thirst for the truth, the meekness to receive the Word, the openness to receive the touch of the Spirit, and a deep cry for the revolution of the society.

However, there is a great deficiency in teaching resources and teachers, and missionaries have found local Christians jump at any opportunity to receive Biblical teaching, as well as churches and fellowships eager to partner and requesting education resources.

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. The leaders in Oceania are praying desperately for the young local Bible teachers workers to be quickly raised up to feed the hungry souls. The God of the harvest will surely send his workers to come.