Olivet Assembly Oceania to Weave Stronger Network through Regional Center

Olivet Assembly (OA) Oceania testified the amazing grace of God allowing the successful settlement of the breathtaking regional Olivet Center (OC) located 2 hours drive from Sydney in Australia.

Having successfully established the regional OC in Oceania, staff begin to reach a new era of spiritual change and mission progress. Olivet Assembly in Oceania will move to set up strong network though opening all of the major cities in the region as well as partnership with youth fellowships such as Youth Evangelical Fellowship and Apostolos Mission in order to build presence for outreach in major universities. These steps OA Oceania leadership believes will enlarge and strengthen regional mission network.

The front-line mission in Oceania started to witness growth and progress since the time Olivet Center was dedicated. Staff could see the change in the spiritual environment through having the place to conduct retreats, biblical seminars and prayer meetings.

The move of Assembly’s administration to Olivet Center helps to create strong office that may oversee and help to facilitate support to church plants workers and pioneering missionaries.

Pastor Faith Yang, General Secretary of OA Oceania shared, “Now the spiritual center is set up. And as our team starts newly, the meaning is significant. We hope to be a light for many who needs Jesus especially in the time of pandemic that is shaking the world. May God of every encouragement use us as his ambassadors.”